Sebastian Beck's Birth Story

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I finally got around to writing our birth story, it only took me 7 months that's not so bad right?? I honestly don't understand how people do things when they have a baby, even this far out. And moms who work from home- forget it- HOW do you do it?! I didn't have plans to write our birth story out, but I found that I was forgetting details and this is a good place for me to be able to look back.  Before having my baby I read lots of bloggers' birth stories and I actually got so many tips that were helpful to me, so hopefully I can pass that onto someone! 

I started going into labor on the night of 11/10 and I was up most of the night timing my contractions, but they never got close enough for me to go to the hospital. Everytime I fell asleep I would wake up in a panic thinking that I had missed some contractions and that worrying that I was going to wake up with the baby ready to come out- LOLOL at me thinking I would be able to sleep through actual contractions!! The next day, my mom made me keep walking, knowing that you will stop progressing if you lay around. We went shopping and I bought a million things for the baby because at that point I was in hardcore nesting mode and felt like I needed one of everything that BuyBuyBaby carries. In the evening, Diego and I went for burgers- I knew that once I got to the hospital I wouldn't be able to eat so I wanted to load up!! My last few weeks of pregnancy I was terrified that I would have a salad for lunch and then my water would break or something and I'd be hours on an empty stomach- that's like my ultimate nightmare!! 

My contractions steadily continued throughout the evening and at about 10 PM I went to the hospital. Well what do ya know- 8 cm dilated and 100% effaced- holy s#!t that baby was ready to bust a move!! I chose to have only Diego in the room, which was surprising to everyone since my mom and I are attached at the hip. Diego is so sweet that I knew if other people were in, he would be offering for everyone to hold the baby and I wanted him to have his undivided time with his new son.  

Luckily I got an epidural quickly (I wanted one! No intentions of going natural) and things progressed rapidly after that. My nurse was actually telling me not to push because they have to have the doctor in the room to deliver the baby and she wasn't there yet, so we had to keep him in! Once she got there, I pushed 9 times.  And then, on November 11, 2017 at 2:22 AM Sebastian Beck was born! The first thing anyone said when he came out was "he has a dimple on his chin!" and boy do I love that, chin, and everything else. 

This was the night before I had my little precious. Diego made me go to the gym- I was already in labor and stepping off the treadmill every few minutes for contractions. The people on the treadmills around me were reallyyyy concerned that they were about to deliver a baby at the gym. 

Maternity Pictures

Friday, October 27, 2017

Here's my maternity pics taken by Christina Valentine Photography. Christina shot my wedding and she traveled several hours to come take my maternity pics (and my newborn pics soon!). We have the last ultrasound today and soo excited (or scared) to get an estimate of the little squish's weight/size. So far he has been right at 50th percentile but I have a feeling that today he's going to be way bigger.. just judging by the extremely tight quarters happening here! We are feeling much more ready than we had the past few weeks- nursery nearly done, necessities purchased, bags packed, and baby clothes clean and put away! I am on maternity leave and I have been able to cook so much more now that I'm home. I wanted to share the recipes I made this week because they were all delishhhh! You can look at all my recipes here -spoiler alert: they almost all have sweet potato in them. 

Skinny Taco Chili Mac - First time making this and it was a hit with Diego 
Sweet Potato Burrito Bowls - I make this probably twice a month because it lasts forever and we LOVE it. 
BBQ Chicken Quinoa Salad - I made the BBQ chicken in the crockpot and just combined with the other ingredients! Yum
And for dessert- Diego specifically requested that I stop baking desserts because he wants to eat healthy ha! So I halfway listened and made my healthy cheesecake. Used Chobani coconut yogurt and it is delishhh.  

Hope you have the most wonderful weekend ♥



Love, Bailey

Bumpdate 3rd Trimester

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Weeks pregnant: 35 ahh!

I had such a truly wonderful past few weeks! I had two beautiful showers- the first with local friends here in CLT but also received so many gifts from thoughtful friends who live far away :) The second shower was with my Special Olympics swim team which was too fun. We have a "Skype" shower this weekend for family in Ecuador to celebrate as well which is so cool!!! I'm wondering if anyone has ever done this before!  Feeling so grateful to have amazing friends/family around me to celebrate my baby.

me + baby in Central Park 

Weight gain: 25 lbs- crazy because I hit this weeks ago but haven't gained any weight since. I'm sure I'll have a surge in the last few weeks though! So far baby is measuring exactly 50th percentile- hoping he stays that way!!

Symptoms: Nothing horrible, I have been SO lucky I can't believe it!! Experiencing very restless and cramping legs at night which can sometimes make it difficult to sleep but not impossible. Occasional heartburn, discomfort and racing heart but for the most part feeling really good!

Clothes: I have two pairs of maternity jeans (here and here) which I LOVE and wear anytime I am wearing real clothes! Definitely can't fit in any of my regular pants anymore- it's amazing to me that some people can this late in pregnancy... you go girls. I am so happy that the temps are dropping so I can wear oversized sweaters and leggings. We took a trip to NY and I wore this dress literally every single day it was a little ridiculous, but it was sooo comfortable!! I am so happy that I can wear it after pregnancy too! Favorite places to shop for maternity clothes have been Asos and Gap.

Exercise: Trying to have a walk everyday but it is getting harder.  I experience a lot of pressure while walking and have to take a lot of breaks-- also can't go to far because I get anxiety being away from a bathroom ha!!

Movement: Soooo much movement!! Every doctor's appt the nurses and doctor comment on how active my baby is! I have to get a non-stress test every week because of previous medical issues and the baby always kicks the monitors off over and over.

Cravings:  Baked potatoes!!!!! Obsessed!! I hadn't had a baked potato in probably 5 years and now I cannot stop eating them. Also crunching ice which is driving my husband NUTS, but I just keep reminding him that I'm pregnant and I can do what I want :)

Sleep: Not the best but not the worst. I got one of these which has been very helpful although my super snuggly dog hates it, ha!

Mood: Not tearful/emotional anymore but probably more irritable than my "normal" state. Definitely feeling a mix between ready for the baby to be here but also very anxious about everything I don't know. I'm accepting advice if you have any :)

Prep: I really think I am getting as close to being "prepared" as possible! Nursery essentials done but could use some finishing decor touches, necessities bought, car seat installed and inspected (if you live in NC here is where you can get it inspected) and all hospital classes completed! Still need to pack my hospital bag and literally have nightmares about going into labor and not having anything, although I know it's not the end of the world! Maybe I should go do that now....

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Off to hospital tour tonight!!

Love, Bailey

Best N Sale Buys for Pregnant Gals

Sunday, July 16, 2017

You've probably read a million posts about what to buy from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale... I know I have and as a result my bank account is bleeding!! Ahhhh!! I had to change my approach to the sale this year since I have a growing belly and a little one on the way. I am so excited about the baby gear I was able to buy-- I priced it out and the discounts are significantly more than what you get if you use a standard 20% off coupon at the big baby stores (BuyBuy Baby, Babies R Us).  Here's what you need if you are expecting:

Baby Jogger City Select  stroller- Soo excited about this. We have been going to baby stores every weekend to test strollers and at every store all the employees said they above all recommend this stroller. It converts to a  double, has a big basket and it's super stylish.

I was torn between the above stroller and the NUNA MIXX 2 travel system (comes with stroller and car seat)- getting this set saves you over $200 - such an amazing deal for this brand and for a stroller + car seat in general!

Had to buy this poncho and this one , and this poncho sweatshirt thingy that looks so yummy, and  that will be perfect for fall/winter to fit the bump- amazing price for cashmere! V into ponchos right now I guess.

How perfect is this for my winter baby?! Cannot wait to see him snuggled in this!!

These leggings sell out every year.. they'll be perfect for before and after bump, just make sure you get them before they're gone

I'm getting this carseat, pairs with my new stroller with adapters! And great reviews on this brand.

Another precious buy for baby! After bath snuggles with be so sweet in this

Can't get any more cozy for baby snuggles than this cable knit throw.. Comes in so many colors to match whatever your nursery theme is.

Getting this basket for blanket/toy/book storage, or would also be cute to house a tree!

Bumpdate | Weeks 1-17

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to be able to record life milestones. You may have seen on social media that Diego and I are expecting our first baby!! I'm finally past the freaking out/anxious/terrified part (not sure if that's a normal reaction or just me) to be able to feel the excitement and actually be happy and content when thinking about the baby coming. Hope that doesn't sound negative- I am so blessed to have been able to get pregnant so quickly and I feel so lucky every day, but that was also co-existing with the feelings of fear about the future.  Maybe I'll write more on that on that later?

Here's where I'm at so far with my new little addition on the way!!

Weeks pregnant:17
Weight gain: 5 lbs 

Symptoms: SO lucky so far- only some infrequent nausea at the beginning but never actually ill. I felt tired but not horrible- still able to make it through the day without naps, but also not getting much done after work (TBH not really different than before pregnancy......) Now in second trimester feeling really well. No negative symptoms other than feeling bloated/heavy which is only going to get worse I'm sure! :)

Got these beauties for my announcement picture from Nectar Floral Designs

Attire: Still in all my regular clothes but definitely not wearing any of my high waisted jeans (sad). Occasionally using a hair tie as a button extender on days I'm feeling uncomfortable! Today at work someone mentioned my belly which is really the first time anyone has said anything about it! 

Exercise: Walking everyday with my pup. I used to carry him in a baby carrier on walks- he HATES to walk.. but I'm trying to get him used to walking on the leash as someone else will be in the baby carrier soon ;) There's also a lot more of: "We need to ease out treating him like he's an actual baby" going on. 

Movement: None yet. I thought I may have felt something once while driving but don't feel convinced! Waiting anxiously for that.. 

Missing: MARGARITAS.......... 

Cravings: Margaritas. Just kidding. Nothing specific or long lasting- in the beginning I could not get enough salty food- I was eating everything with teriyaki sauce and making micro popcorn like 3x a day and adding tons of extra salt ( I wonder why I'm feeling bloated? 😉) Also had a few days of craving powerade slushes and tater tots which I would drive 40 min each way to get.. Now pretty much back to normal eating habits but also justifying eating anything I want by saying "it's a craving". 

Sleep: Fine for now! 

Mood: Much better than weeks 6-10!! No random crying while watching HGTV shows or Real Housewives. 

Prep: Nothing yet. I bought one stuffed animal and my mom has bought every baby book in Spanish that exists. Buenos noches, Luna!

More to come soon! ♥

Love, Bailey

Play, Eat, See: Chicago

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A few weeks ago I got to travel with my best and longest friends to visit Chicago for the first time! I have been friends with these girls for OVER 20 YEARS... crazy to think about! We did a lot of eating, walking, bike riding, laughing, and went to bed every night by 10:00 which is my idea of a perfect trip. Here's what we did and would do again:


My favorite site of the whole trip was the flower scouting!! Every inch of Michigan Ave was lined with the most perfect tulips in all different color combinations. There was truly not one flower out of place it is so, so lovely.  I want to go back in December.. If this was just the spring decorating, I can't even imagine what Christmas decorating looks like.

3 Arts Club Cafe- 6 story Restoration Hardware, hundreds of chandeliers- enough said. I got an iced latte at the coffee bar and walked through every floor/display room- my idea of heaven. 

The Signature Lounge @ John Hancock Center- for a great view of the city from above. We didn't do the 360 Observatory Deck, although it looks awesome, this is free and you can get similar cool pictures. Below is the view from the women's bathroom!! 

Giordanos- for classic deep dish pizza- and delicious salad because sometimes you hit a cheese wall and need a piece of lettuce. 

Happy Camper- For super fun atmosphere and delicious pizza (and cookie dough balls for dessert). Inside the restaurant there are campers that you can sit inside, tire swings at the bar, old school video games at the tables, etc. I looooved the pizza here!! 

Hampton Social- Probably one of the most famous Instagram spots in Chicago (see below). Love the preppy coastal vibes here. I got the banana bread french toast which was to die for and I have been craving ever since. Also, more inside swings- can't go wrong with that. 

We rented bikes from Divvy and rode down the beach/lake and around Navy Pier. Perfect way to see all of this because it would be a long walk, but it was an easy bike ride! Make sure to set a timer on your phone because you have to check your Divvy bike in to a checkpoint every 30 min to avoid extra fees. 

Loved Chicago so much!! It was so clean for being a big city, the food couldn't have been better- but of course the laughs and catching up with my friends was the best part ♥

Love, Bailey