Bumpdate | Weeks 1-17

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to be able to record life milestones. You may have seen on social media that Diego and I are expecting our first baby!! I'm finally past the freaking out/anxious/terrified part (not sure if that's a normal reaction or just me) to be able to feel the excitement and actually be happy and content when thinking about the baby coming. Hope that doesn't sound negative- I am so blessed to have been able to get pregnant so quickly and I feel so lucky every day, but that was also co-existing with the feelings of fear about the future.  Maybe I'll write more on that on that later?

Here's where I'm at so far with my new little addition on the way!!

Weeks pregnant:17
Weight gain: 5 lbs 

Symptoms: SO lucky so far- only some infrequent nausea at the beginning but never actually ill. I felt tired but not horrible- still able to make it through the day without naps, but also not getting much done after work (TBH not really different than before pregnancy......) Now in second trimester feeling really well. No negative symptoms other than feeling bloated/heavy which is only going to get worse I'm sure! :)

Got these beauties for my announcement picture from Nectar Floral Designs

Attire: Still in all my regular clothes but definitely not wearing any of my high waisted jeans (sad). Occasionally using a hair tie as a button extender on days I'm feeling uncomfortable! Today at work someone mentioned my belly which is really the first time anyone has said anything about it! 

Exercise: Walking everyday with my pup. I used to carry him in a baby carrier on walks- he HATES to walk.. but I'm trying to get him used to walking on the leash as someone else will be in the baby carrier soon ;) There's also a lot more of: "We need to ease out treating him like he's an actual baby" going on. 

Movement: None yet. I thought I may have felt something once while driving but don't feel convinced! Waiting anxiously for that.. 

Missing: MARGARITAS.......... 

Cravings: Margaritas. Just kidding. Nothing specific or long lasting- in the beginning I could not get enough salty food- I was eating everything with teriyaki sauce and making micro popcorn like 3x a day and adding tons of extra salt ( I wonder why I'm feeling bloated? 😉) Also had a few days of craving powerade slushes and tater tots which I would drive 40 min each way to get.. Now pretty much back to normal eating habits but also justifying eating anything I want by saying "it's a craving". 

Sleep: Fine for now! 

Mood: Much better than weeks 6-10!! No random crying while watching HGTV shows or Real Housewives. 

Prep: Nothing yet. I bought one stuffed animal and my mom has bought every baby book in Spanish that exists. Buenos noches, Luna!

More to come soon! ♥

Love, Bailey

Play, Eat, See: Chicago

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A few weeks ago I got to travel with my best and longest friends to visit Chicago for the first time! I have been friends with these girls for OVER 20 YEARS... crazy to think about! We did a lot of eating, walking, bike riding, laughing, and went to bed every night by 10:00 which is my idea of a perfect trip. Here's what we did and would do again:


My favorite site of the whole trip was the flower scouting!! Every inch of Michigan Ave was lined with the most perfect tulips in all different color combinations. There was truly not one flower out of place it is so, so lovely.  I want to go back in December.. If this was just the spring decorating, I can't even imagine what Christmas decorating looks like.

3 Arts Club Cafe- 6 story Restoration Hardware, hundreds of chandeliers- enough said. I got an iced latte at the coffee bar and walked through every floor/display room- my idea of heaven. 

The Signature Lounge @ John Hancock Center- for a great view of the city from above. We didn't do the 360 Observatory Deck, although it looks awesome, this is free and you can get similar cool pictures. Below is the view from the women's bathroom!! 

Giordanos- for classic deep dish pizza- and delicious salad because sometimes you hit a cheese wall and need a piece of lettuce. 

Happy Camper- For super fun atmosphere and delicious pizza (and cookie dough balls for dessert). Inside the restaurant there are campers that you can sit inside, tire swings at the bar, old school video games at the tables, etc. I looooved the pizza here!! 

Hampton Social- Probably one of the most famous Instagram spots in Chicago (see below). Love the preppy coastal vibes here. I got the banana bread french toast which was to die for and I have been craving ever since. Also, more inside swings- can't go wrong with that. 

We rented bikes from Divvy and rode down the beach/lake and around Navy Pier. Perfect way to see all of this because it would be a long walk, but it was an easy bike ride! Make sure to set a timer on your phone because you have to check your Divvy bike in to a checkpoint every 30 min to avoid extra fees. 

Loved Chicago so much!! It was so clean for being a big city, the food couldn't have been better- but of course the laughs and catching up with my friends was the best part ♥

Love, Bailey

Blush Trench

Sunday, March 26, 2017

I have been radio silent for a few weeks but after reconnecting with a friend today I felt motivated to write a post (thanks, Michelle!). I bought this trench to wear as a light spring layer- but with the weather as unpredictable as it is this time of year I ended up wearing it over some thin layers. This is such an easy trend to wear in so many ways this spring- with short shorts and heels , over a mini dress, and of course with your ripped jeans and sneakers! Spring staple if there ever was one! Shop more spring trenches below. 

Trench | Jeans | Striped shirt | Sweater (similar) | Shoes 

This week is super busy for me as we are preparing for an out-of-town Special Olympics swim meet over the weekend, and I'm hosting a semi-large (large for me) dinner party this week. Wish me luck :) 

Shop the look:

Blush trench options:

Spring in Those Lookalike Boots + Easy Mental Health Fixes

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wearing these SW dupes every chance I get- and a warm spring day is no exception! Love over the knee boots with a mini skirt or dress.

And very unrelated to fashion..... I'm a therapist, I get lots of questions from friends and family re: mental health. Lately I've noticed that sooo many friends are calling asking how to work through daily anxiety- I definitely think this is related to age/life stage. The challenges of balancing finances, major life decisions, work demands, and relationship stresses is as real now as it will ever be. I am going to do a whole post about anxiety and how to cope, but I wanted to do a quick list of mental health tips that are proven to improve your daily functioning!

Join in an activity that you can "own"/master - softball? volunteering? blogging? coaching? I don't know what this looks like for you, but for me it's coaching Special Olympics!!! Talk about a mood lifter- seriously the best part of my week ♥ 

Workout 4-6 x/week - I wrote more about it here. You've read this over and over and IT'S TRUE. Trust me and Lena Dunham

Meditate daily. Here's my favorite way to do it. And yep, I really do it daily. Sometimes multiple times per day when I'm teaching a client how to use meditation. I do this so often that when I'm stressed Diego starts (jokingly) leading me through it. It's good even in an accent 😜

Sleep!!!  8 hours per night please! If that's not possible for you, try getting to bed 30 min earlier than you usually would and start increasing your sleep by 30 min each week (month?)

 Thanks for reading! 

With Love,

The "It" Wedges

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

This shirt and these wedges are the most "must have" items for spring- I own this shirt in two colors and want so many more-- I wear it weekly to work and to play! You can wear it untucked with jeans or leggings- it is super long in the front and back so perfect for wearing as a tunic- or wear it tucked to look a little more polished.  You can see it both ways below. I paired with this cardigan and my favorite bag which is sadly sold out right now, but still available in black!!  We had a crazy weekend working on home DIY stuff. We are in the process of renovating the exterior of our house, some of which we are taking on ourselves. Can't wait to share more about it! See some here!

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Shirt | Wedges | Jeans (similar) | Bag (in stock in black) | Cardigan

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca
Love is in style Bailey Machuca
Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

Love is in style Bailey Machuca

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Love, Bailey