Stripes + Leather + Leopard

Sunday, August 28, 2016

This is a combo of my favorite outfit elements- stripes, leather and leopard! I can't wait for the season to change, and I'm starting to adjust my outfits to reflect all the colors and patterns I love wearing in the fall: leather jackets, light sweaters, army green anything, and lots of texture and layers. 

This weekend we celebrated Diego's birthday- I made him salted caramel cookie bars (caramel or carmel?! I never know). I'll post the recipe for them soon! For his birthday we went to see War Dogs- this is a major gift for him because he loves going to the movies and I HATE it! The last one we went to was probably two years ago.. I can't even remember.. but I actually liked this one and would recommend it.  Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy pulling out your fall faves this week like I am!

Love, Bailey

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