Errands in Orange

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Hello lovely friends!! I love a put-together outfit that is comfy enough to run errands in. I frequently run into my clients at the grocery store, mall, etc. and I always feel embarrassed when they see me in baggy sweatpants and hoodie... especially during our next session when I'm playing the part of the professional and all I can think about is them picturing me in my Uggs 🙈 YIKES. I recently purchased this top (orange color sold out, this one is almost exactly the same) from Nordstrom Rack-- that place is almost as bad as Target.  Orange isn't normally my go-to color... this is the only orange top I actually own. I had to create a new section in my color coordinated closet (more on that later) just for this top! HOWEVER- when I saw it I knew I had to get it because it matches perfectly with my New Balance sneakers (on sale, less than $60) that I wear every weekend to run errands- so comfortable. Love them with these jeans and classic sunglasses.

I wore this outfit recently to test drive cars... Diego and I are desperately searching for a new car but we are both CRAZY decision impaired-- we've got issues.  Funny story- LITERALLY as I was writing the above statement I got a text from D that said "I just went to buy a lawn mower but I couldn't make a decision I have to do more research". I mean... it's a lawn mower. When you can't even pick a lawn mower, imagine how impossible it is to decide on a car. After months of talking about it we haven't gotten things any more narrowed down than when we started.  Anyone have a car they highly recommend?? Pleaseee leave your suggestions for this neurotic couple!!!

Love, Bailey

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  1. Love this comfy outfit! I picked up at sweatshirt from Gap in a similar color, which made me realize I need more comfy sweatshirts :)
    Car recommendation - Jeep Grand Cherokee (faves Limited Edition). I had the hardest time deciding on a car too. All I knew I wanted a 4-wheel drive (thanks to snow up here). Test drove ton of cars but once I test drove the Grand Cherokee I was in love. Good luck with your search!