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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nerd alert!! Everyone loves a good nerd- Urkel? Rory Gilmore? Tom from MySpace??? I've always wanted to be a super nerd- but unfortunately I was born with 20/20 vision and average brain cells. Ugh. Next best thing: I'll just dress like a nerd? Here's my take- button up (no pocket protector, I wish), converse, jeans & glasses. Do I look smart yet??? I love this collared sweater because I can make it business casual for work, or wannabe geek chic for my weekend coffee shop visits. I have always been crazy about the button up-under-sweater look, but sometimes it is hard to pull off because button ups are generally a little bulky and stiff. This one is PERFECT because the "button up" details are only at the collar and bottom of the sweater, making it fitted with no awkward button situations showing under your sweater. So, how will you nerd out this week??  🤓

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Love, Bailey

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