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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I have a new favorite item in my closet: this fuzzy-licious vest from Burn Boutique!! This vest literally looks like I shaved Rex and made a vest out of him (I'd only be able to make a vest because of his small size, I'll need another maltipoo to make a full coat 🙃).  I have always had and loved dogs, but Rex is the first dog I've been a dog-mom to, and it's a totally different connection than your childhood dogs, right? I remember before getting him telling my mom once how annoying it is when people call their dogs their children/treat them like children......... LOLOLOLOL jokes on you pre-Rex Bailey!!! I am the ultimate of the ultimate dog mom. Diego and I have a reoccurring dialogue that goes something like: "Do you think Rex remembers his birth mother, or do you think he truly believes we are his parents?" Like we have this convo weekly. When I opened this vest from Burn Boutique all my wishes were fulfilled and I can stop worrying about Rex realizing he looks different than me and wondering if I'm not his real mom. Did this just get too weird?? 

Obviously, I am obsessed with the vest for more than one reason, it's adorable, soo soft, and feels just like my sweet little pup (if you've ever felt him his coat is like heaven!).  Onto the outfits... I only get new items that I know I can wear at least  2+ ways. I'll show you below how to wear this vest in a classic / cute way and then for a look that's more edgy- it's always good to have both looks up your sleeve!  It is such a great piece because it's fairly light weight unlike other faux fur vests, so you can easily layer it under a jacket and not feel bulky at all. 





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Love, Bailey

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