5 Ways to Celebrate the End of 2016

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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Isn't it hard to believe we made it to 2017?? I think 13 year old me thought we would be living in a futuristic world by 2017, complete with flying cars and robot servants- although we aren't that far off with self driving cars and Rumbas! I love to do something to mark the new year approaching, but New Years resolutions are so tired- they're always unrealistic and no one keeps them anyways. This year I am trying something new; instead of focusing on what needs to change in 2017, I'm going to meditate on the positivity and happy memories that occurred. I think this will propel me right into 2017 with good juju aplenty!! Here's the 5 things you can do to wish farewell to 2016:

  • Write down your 5 best memories from 2016. Mine were:
    • Traveling to the Galapagos and Cuenca during the summer (Galapagos travel guide here!)
    • Buying and moving into our new house- a stressful, happy memory!
    • Meeting my sister's puppy for the first time. I'm in love with her.
    • Building a custom closet with Diego- we stayed up late every night for a week and built an awesome closet- more on that later :) it was super fun and we realized we enjoy doing DIY projects together
    • Playing cards with my family on Christmas 
  • Listen to your "Best of 2016" Spotify playlist- did this with Diego last night and we were laughing at every song because it was half club/latin music and half Ray LaMontagne (we share a Spotify). Guess which half was mine???
  • List 5 things you accomplished in 2016- big or small!
  • Get rid of 5 items in your closet- make room for all the shopping ahead in 2017!
  • Print and frame your your favorite pictures from 2016- it's fun to look back through your camera roll from the year, or make a Shutterfly calendar for 2017 

What will you do to commemorate 2016? 

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