Stuart Weitzman Lowland Boots Dupe!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy MLK day!!!! So happy to be in NYC with my sister today. We have lived across the globe from each other since the year I started high school. My sister has lived a lot of places but spent the longest living in Madrid, Spain. She recently moved back to the states and is in Brooklyn these days! It's seriously such a treat to be able to drive/fly to each other on a 3 day weekend, whereas we used to only see each other once a year!! I used to get so annoyed when people would act like their family was soooo far when they really only lived like 5 hours away - but now I get it!! Now that I can actually plan trips to see my sister whenever I want, I feel like it's so far and I don't get to go often enough at all!!! I feel like I miss her more now that she's a quick flight away than I did when she was across the globe- it's like she's just out of reach! I'll keep you updated on what my sister's fave places are to eat/drink/play in NYC/Brooklyn because she's like really cool and you'll want to hang out where she hangs out. 

This outfit--- These boots are NOT Stuart Weitzman but are such an amazing dupe!!! I think the quality is really good, as far as the sole and materials goes- but I would be careful because I did wear them with white jeans and the color wore off on the jeans. I think it will come off but I haven't washed the jeans yet to test- I'll let you know. The sizes are constantly coming on going and I stalked mine everyday before they finally came in in my size; however, they are also sold here, and you can just custom order your size/color. I waited only because Amazon prime = free shipping. I love wearing mine with black jeans, a black top, and a poncho (also think I might buy this one).  

Love, Bailey

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