Tan Coat on Sale

Thursday, January 12, 2017

I've been really into monochrome dressing this season, especially in the neutral zone! This coat (which is on sale but moving fast so act quick) + this sweater + a leopard accent is a really easy transition for this winter to spring weather. Funny story when I was taking these pictures: As you might know, I am a children's mental health therapist in public schools. I also have NO SHAME at all about taking outfit pictures so I totally do them in busy areas all the time and don't care at all if people are staring... but when we were taking these one of the kids I see as a client happened to be in the area and saw me and I'm sure she was so confused why her therapist was pretending to be a model in the middle of a busy street. I'm living a double life!  

Coat (on sale) | Sweater | Shoes | Jeans | Sunglasses

Love, Bailey

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