Gingham Crush

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Here's what I'm obsessing over right now:
 ♥ Gingham adds such a cute detail under an oversized sweater- this shirt actually has a peplum so it's adorable on it's own or as a collar pop only. Love it with this super oversized sweater - Zara seriously kills the sweater game every time!! Does it make a huge baggy sweater business casual if I wear a collared shirt underneath......asking for a friend. 
This coffee syrup!!! My sister got me hooked while I was visiting her in NYC and holy moly I seriously wake up craving it. 
Spring weather- no explanation needed
♥ Sooo into podcasts right now. I listen to them when I'm driving, working out (walking slowly on the treadmill...) doing housework, you name it.  I find it so much more engaging than music and dare I say.. even TV? Which podcasts do you love??
As for things I'm NOT obsessed with......... Nick as the bachelor. No. But the recaps by Jillian Harris make up for it. 

Shop this look & gingham favorites below!

 Collared shirt | Sweater | SunglassesJeans | Boots (sale!)

Love, Bailey

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