Spring in Those Lookalike Boots + Easy Mental Health Fixes

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wearing these SW dupes every chance I get- and a warm spring day is no exception! Love over the knee boots with a mini skirt or dress.

And very unrelated to fashion..... I'm a therapist, I get lots of questions from friends and family re: mental health. Lately I've noticed that sooo many friends are calling asking how to work through daily anxiety- I definitely think this is related to age/life stage. The challenges of balancing finances, major life decisions, work demands, and relationship stresses is as real now as it will ever be. I am going to do a whole post about anxiety and how to cope, but I wanted to do a quick list of mental health tips that are proven to improve your daily functioning!

Join in an activity that you can "own"/master - softball? volunteering? blogging? coaching? I don't know what this looks like for you, but for me it's coaching Special Olympics!!! Talk about a mood lifter- seriously the best part of my week ♥ 

Workout 4-6 x/week - I wrote more about it here. You've read this over and over and IT'S TRUE. Trust me and Lena Dunham

Meditate daily. Here's my favorite way to do it. And yep, I really do it daily. Sometimes multiple times per day when I'm teaching a client how to use meditation. I do this so often that when I'm stressed Diego starts (jokingly) leading me through it. It's good even in an accent 😜

Sleep!!!  8 hours per night please! If that's not possible for you, try getting to bed 30 min earlier than you usually would and start increasing your sleep by 30 min each week (month?)

 Thanks for reading! 

With Love,

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