Bumpdate 3rd Trimester

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Weeks pregnant: 35 ahh!

I had such a truly wonderful past few weeks! I had two beautiful showers- the first with local friends here in CLT but also received so many gifts from thoughtful friends who live far away :) The second shower was with my Special Olympics swim team which was too fun. We have a "Skype" shower this weekend for family in Ecuador to celebrate as well which is so cool!!! I'm wondering if anyone has ever done this before!  Feeling so grateful to have amazing friends/family around me to celebrate my baby.

me + baby in Central Park 

Weight gain: 25 lbs- crazy because I hit this weeks ago but haven't gained any weight since. I'm sure I'll have a surge in the last few weeks though! So far baby is measuring exactly 50th percentile- hoping he stays that way!!

Symptoms: Nothing horrible, I have been SO lucky I can't believe it!! Experiencing very restless and cramping legs at night which can sometimes make it difficult to sleep but not impossible. Occasional heartburn, discomfort and racing heart but for the most part feeling really good!

Clothes: I have two pairs of maternity jeans (here and here) which I LOVE and wear anytime I am wearing real clothes! Definitely can't fit in any of my regular pants anymore- it's amazing to me that some people can this late in pregnancy... you go girls. I am so happy that the temps are dropping so I can wear oversized sweaters and leggings. We took a trip to NY and I wore this dress literally every single day it was a little ridiculous, but it was sooo comfortable!! I am so happy that I can wear it after pregnancy too! Favorite places to shop for maternity clothes have been Asos and Gap.

Exercise: Trying to have a walk everyday but it is getting harder.  I experience a lot of pressure while walking and have to take a lot of breaks-- also can't go to far because I get anxiety being away from a bathroom ha!!

Movement: Soooo much movement!! Every doctor's appt the nurses and doctor comment on how active my baby is! I have to get a non-stress test every week because of previous medical issues and the baby always kicks the monitors off over and over.

Cravings:  Baked potatoes!!!!! Obsessed!! I hadn't had a baked potato in probably 5 years and now I cannot stop eating them. Also crunching ice which is driving my husband NUTS, but I just keep reminding him that I'm pregnant and I can do what I want :)

Sleep: Not the best but not the worst. I got one of these which has been very helpful although my super snuggly dog hates it, ha!

Mood: Not tearful/emotional anymore but probably more irritable than my "normal" state. Definitely feeling a mix between ready for the baby to be here but also very anxious about everything I don't know. I'm accepting advice if you have any :)

Prep: I really think I am getting as close to being "prepared" as possible! Nursery essentials done but could use some finishing decor touches, necessities bought, car seat installed and inspected (if you live in NC here is where you can get it inspected) and all hospital classes completed! Still need to pack my hospital bag and literally have nightmares about going into labor and not having anything, although I know it's not the end of the world! Maybe I should go do that now....

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Off to hospital tour tonight!!

Love, Bailey


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