Sebastian Beck's Birth Story

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I finally got around to writing our birth story, it only took me 7 months that's not so bad right?? I honestly don't understand how people do things when they have a baby, even this far out. And moms who work from home- forget it- HOW do you do it?! I didn't have plans to write our birth story out, but I found that I was forgetting details and this is a good place for me to be able to look back.  Before having my baby I read lots of bloggers' birth stories and I actually got so many tips that were helpful to me, so hopefully I can pass that onto someone! 

I started going into labor on the night of 11/10 and I was up most of the night timing my contractions, but they never got close enough for me to go to the hospital. Everytime I fell asleep I would wake up in a panic thinking that I had missed some contractions and that worrying that I was going to wake up with the baby ready to come out- LOLOL at me thinking I would be able to sleep through actual contractions!! The next day, my mom made me keep walking, knowing that you will stop progressing if you lay around. We went shopping and I bought a million things for the baby because at that point I was in hardcore nesting mode and felt like I needed one of everything that BuyBuyBaby carries. In the evening, Diego and I went for burgers- I knew that once I got to the hospital I wouldn't be able to eat so I wanted to load up!! My last few weeks of pregnancy I was terrified that I would have a salad for lunch and then my water would break or something and I'd be hours on an empty stomach- that's like my ultimate nightmare!! 

My contractions steadily continued throughout the evening and at about 10 PM I went to the hospital. Well what do ya know- 8 cm dilated and 100% effaced- holy s#!t that baby was ready to bust a move!! I chose to have only Diego in the room, which was surprising to everyone since my mom and I are attached at the hip. Diego is so sweet that I knew if other people were in, he would be offering for everyone to hold the baby and I wanted him to have his undivided time with his new son.  

Luckily I got an epidural quickly (I wanted one! No intentions of going natural) and things progressed rapidly after that. My nurse was actually telling me not to push because they have to have the doctor in the room to deliver the baby and she wasn't there yet, so we had to keep him in! Once she got there, I pushed 9 times.  And then, on November 11, 2017 at 2:22 AM Sebastian Beck was born! The first thing anyone said when he came out was "he has a dimple on his chin!" and boy do I love that, chin, and everything else. 

This was the night before I had my little precious. Diego made me go to the gym- I was already in labor and stepping off the treadmill every few minutes for contractions. The people on the treadmills around me were reallyyyy concerned that they were about to deliver a baby at the gym. 


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